Vintage Circa 1971 MCI Musiconics International Guitorgan B-300 w. Original Case, Cable Power Box

$ 2,999.00

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Here is an original MCI Musiconics International Guitorgan B-300. Invented by Bob Murrell in Waco, Texas, USA....this is a real deal example that works well and sounds AMAZING.

This guitar duplicates the sounds of a vintage organ in a real way. Sounds like an old Hammond organ. Also has regular guitar sounds from the regular guitar pickups which also sound great. Real warm and organic tones.

Original guitar, cable, power box, and case.

Excellent condition.

Fully functional with the exception of first two frets on the B string, For some reason the organ tone does not work on those frets, works on all other frets. The guitar sound works well on all frets.

A wonderful example for the player and collector alike. Don't miss it!
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