Neal, Rivington Guitars - Guitar RepairRivington Guitars features in house guitar, amp and pedal repairs.  Come see our in house luthier and expert repairman at Rivington Guitars, Neal Winkowski.

Neal has over 25 years experience both with acoustic and electric guitars and other stringed instruments. He can pretty much do anything.

The shop is located right here in the store centrally located in the East Village of NYC.

We can deal with all aspects of guitar restoration:
  • Set up
  • Neck Set
  • Crack Repair
  • Headstock Repair
  • Wiring / Electronic Repair
  • Pickup Installation
  • Custom Wiring
  • Re-finishing
  • and much more...

  • We feature reasonable rates, fast service and attention to detail. Customers can deal directly with the repairman who is doing the work.

    So come in the the shop for a set up or anything else you need for your guitar care and maintenance.

    You can drop your guitar off any time from 12-8pm every day except Sundays 12-6pm.

    If you'd like feel free to call us directly to set up an appointment with Neal at 212-505-5313.

    "If old guitars mean something to you, this is a Must Visit shop. Neal has worked on my '54 D-28, '58 Coronet, '57 Strat, '60 Strat, '64 Hummingbird, '66 Guild Starfire, '68 Ric 360, '59 Country Club, '61 Casino, Neal BUILT my hybrid Srat Tel with all vintage Fender parts '57 - '68... I have been thrilled with every job he's done whether a repair, a sprucing-up, or a modification. Vintage loonies like me are very persnickety about who we let near our gems with screwdrivers, glue, soldering irons... Neal is The Man. Thank you. Rivington's entire team is non-pariel for dead-straight dealings with good humor. One of the joys of living in NYC is there is ALWAYS another guitar shop to patronize. I go to Rivington."
    - Binky Philips, NYC

    For amp repairs there is a $50 estimate fee which can then be applied to the repair itself.