Vintage 1979 Korg X-911 Guitar Synthesizer

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Circa 1979 KORG X-911 Guitar Synthesizer.

Works great, sounds amazing, nice and clean example.

The X-911 Guitar Synthesizer was definitely the highest point of the analog guitar synth created by KORG from 1979 that combines the ability to recreate variety of instruments like a violin, trumpet or flute with an extremely easy to operate synthesizer in one compact unit.

This unit does not require the any special guitar or pickup, you can obtain tonal changes and various special effects that cannot be obtained with an effects pedal, just by connecting an electric guitar, just like a general effects pedal.

On the white button side, it decomposes the guitar's audio signal and converts it into a synthesizer control signal to make the sound of a violin, trumpet or flute. Not only can you select 11 different tones with a single touch, ranging from instrumental sounds such as bass, trumpet, violin, and flute to synth sounds, but you can also mix each tone to synthesize as many as 2,047 different tones. It's a nice authentic 70's characteristic analog synth sound.This feature doesn't recognize chords, but single notes only.

The yellow button side is more like a synthesizer unit, and you can change the ATTACK and DECAY settings.In this part the original sound retains and recognize the chords.

The X-911's pitch can be altered in real time up to an octave above or below the pitch of the electric guitar by using a foot switch, you can play parallel 3rd or 5th degree unison only by yourself.

The portamento effect and hold function can also be controlled by the footswitch. Input and output jacks for external control are also provided, allowing you to connect MS series synthesizers that were being released at the same time to expand its functions.

Very versatile and useful authentic vintage analog guitar synthesizer from 70's.
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