Vintage 1968 Gibson ES-335 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Sunburst w/ Original Case

$ 5,999.00

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This vintage original 1968 Gibson ES-335 is a real gem of a vintage 335!

Original patent sticker pickups have that signature vintage 335 tone.

Neck is somewhat slim and easy to get around on. It is straight and good and the guitar plays great. Frets are in good shape and there is no buzz or issues. It rings out and is very resonant. Lots of sustain.

Though a bit faded, the pickguard has that cool vintage 1968 Gibson logo they did only that year.

It's got signs of age and wear in all the right places and a few changed parts. There is a wing repair on the headstock, not horrible but it's there. Tuners have been upgraded to Grovers and one tuner is a Schaeller...they work great and the guitar stays in tune well. The bridge is a Gibson Nashville bridge.

Tone is out of this world, this is a wonderful working mans vintage 335.

Perfect for gigging and recording.

Comes with vintage original hardshell case, too.
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