Vintage 1966 Rickenbacker 335 Fireglo

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Vintage 1966 Rickenbacker Model 335 in original Fireglo finish.

A great playing example with updated pickups and electronics that make this a great workhorse with some killer vintage vibe.

The neck has a slim profile that is easy to navigate and feels great all the way up and down.  Playability is excellent with a tight, quick action.  It has been professionally re-fretted with bigger frets that feel great and benefit the playability greatly.

Pickups are Bill Lawrence humbuckers in the neck and bridge, and a vintage DiMarzio in the middle.  Mini switches installed on the pick guard allow for phase switching, coil tapping, and turning the middle pickup on or off.  The blender knob has been wired to adjust the volume of the middle pickup.  You can get any tone out of these from clear, focused and jangly to fat, thick, round tones and everything in between.

In addition to the pickups and electronics being changed, the tuners have been upgraded to locking sperzels and the pick guard has been replaced with a super cool rose colored reflective guard.  Guitar is priced accordingly making this a great choice for the player.

Comes in a cool vintage hard shell case.
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