Vintage 1964 Ampeg R-15 R SuperReverb Superbreverb Grey tolex

$ 1,295.00

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Vintage original 1964 Ampeg R-15 R Super Reverb amp.   

Amp reads Supereverb....Fender had an issue with the name and threatened to sue so Ampeg changed the name to Superbreverb.   So this is a piece of history as well as a KILLER amp.   

Reverb dimension knob sounds incredible, super rich and lush Reverb.  Tremolo circuit works great, too.   

Original 15" Jensen speaker.   Comes with original footswitch which works great.   

Clean and all original but we added a 3-prong chord so it's safe and with no shocking or ground issues.   

A perfect amp for the player and collector alike, don't miss it.

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