JHS Crayon Overdrive Pedal

$ 199.00

JHS Crayon Overdrive Pedal
The JHS Pedals Colour Box is amazing. It's powerful, it's versatile, it sounds stunning as a guitar pedal or as a recording preamp, and sometimes...just sometimes...it's a bit too much for guitarists. That's why they created the Crayon. This straightforward pedal harnesses the exact same gritty preamp tones of the Colour Box and puts them in a smaller stomp with a simplified control layout. Three knobs control the gain, output, and tone of the pedal, while a Hi-Pass switch accesses even more aggressive characters. If you're one of the musicians who is madly in love with those straight-to-console fuzz tones but don't need all the extras, the JHS Pedals Crayon was made just for you.

Streamlined, simplified, and ferocious
In 1968, the Beatles' "Revolution" sent a piercing guitar tone through the speakers of the world. This tonal technique of plugging a guitar straight into a mixing console is now referred to as "Direct-In Distortion". The JHS Pedals Crayon gets you these legendary tones faster and in a more guitarist-friendly way than ever before.

- Compact enclosure sits comfortably on any pedalboard
- Easy-to-use controls for Master (output volume), Pre-Vol (gain), and Tilt (tone)
- Runs at 9- and 18-volts (We recommend 9V. It just sounds better.)

Hi-Pass toggle for more intense settings
If you like the sound you're getting from your Crayon but want to take it a step further, just flip on the Hi-Pass toggle switch. You're immediately greeted with a drop of low frequencies that gives your tone an even more aggressive attitude with extra teeth. You'll also find a side-mounted frequency switch to dictate how much low-end content is shelved.

- Hi-Pass toggle cuts low frequencies to precisely tailor your tone
- 200Hz and 750Hz frequency switch located on the side determines which frequencies are cut

More than meets the eye
Like a lot of our pedals, just because this pedal is loaded with great fuzz tones doesn't mean there isn't a whole lot more to be discovered. Remember, the Crayon is designed after classic console preamps, not another dirt box. So why not see what else it has to offer?

- Run the Pre-Vol control low for a clean tonal enhancement for your rig
- Drop the Pre-Vol and crank the Master for a powerful clean boost
- Utilize the Tilt and Hi-Pass controls, turning the Crayon into a versatile EQ pedal
- Even at full fuzz, back off your guitar volume and be astounded with how well the pedal cleans up
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