Electro Harmonix Ring Thing

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Manufactured by: Electro Harmonix

The Ring Thing builds upon the original EHX Frequency Analyzer, and adds selectable carrier waveforms, sweepable filter, presets, and the ability to use an expression pedal.ᅠ The single-sideband modulation is completely new, allowing for a more true harmonious effect.ᅠ This is an real sonic leap in the world of creative and expressive guitar effects.ᅠ Begin your sonic experimentation now.

    •    ‪Four selectable modes: Ring Modulation (RM), Upper Band Modulation (UB), Lower Band Modulation (LB), Pitch Shift (PS).‬
    •    ‪Single Sideband frequency shifter with separate simultaneous upper and lower sideband outputs.‬
    •    ‪Automatically tune the Ring Modulator to any incoming signal by pressing and holding the PRESET FSW.‬
    •    ‪The Ring and SSB Modulators can automatically tune to a note you play on your instrument‬
    •    ‪Pitch shifter with range of +/- 2 octaves.‬
    •    ‪Five modulation waveforms: Square, Sine, Ramp up/down, Triangle.‬
    •    ‪Expression Pedal control over carrier frequency or pitch shift amount.‬
    •    ‪Optional external oscillator/modulation input.‬
    •    ‪Mono Input / Stereo Output in all modes.‬
    •    ‪Save and load up to 9 presets.‬


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