Earthquaker Devices Wave Transformer Black

$ 199.00

The Wave Transformer is a complex single oscillator with 7 audio outputs. Its method of wave shaping differs from other complex oscillators in that it is not based upon classic wave folding such as is common in West Coast synthesis, or filtration such as is common in East Coast synthesis. Rotating the Transform control will vary the Complex output from a simple waveform to a complex, gnarled mass of audio mutations.


100% Analogue Circuit
Over 8 octaves of pitch tracking starting from A-1 (13.75Hz), covering more than the full range of a traditional piano keyboard
7 simultaneous waveform outputs.
Dedicated attenuators/attenu-verters for each CV input
Exponential and Linear Frequency Modulation inputs.
Hard and soft sync inputs
Pulse width control between 0% and 100%.
Fixed -1 octave 25% duty cycle suboctave pulse output
Sub Square output switchable between 1 and 2 octaves down
Complex Source Mute switch allows simultaneous control of volume and timbre up to audio rates via the Transform CV input.
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