EarthQuaker Devices' Disaster Transport Sr

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EarthQuaker Devices' Disaster Transport Sr is a dual-delay pedal with reverb and modulation, designed for one purpose: to deploy a swirling vortex of lo-fi, tape-style echo. Disaster Transport Sr, with its three footswitches and gaggle of knobs, gives you precise control over your delay tones. The top row of dials controls Delay A; the bottom row, Delay B. The former is a 600ms delay with modulation; the latter, a 300ms delay with reverb. You can run both delays separately, in series, in parallel, or in series/parallel. So you can see there's already tons of flexibility here, but to take it a step further, EarthQuaker Devices also provides expression controls for the repeats on Delay A as well as an A-to-B bleed. You can use each delay individually or in tandem.
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