DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator Purple

$ 149.95

Pre-owned DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator. Comes with box in excellent condition.

The Gonkulator is a Ring Mod/Distortion originally released in the 90s by DOD and it is now having a triumphant return. Great as a workhorse distortion, but add a little bit of the sauce via the Freq and Ring controls to unleash something completely wild. The Freq adjusts the frequency of the carrier oscillator that gets combined with your audio signal and the Ring is the amount of the modulated signal that gets introduced to the audio. Whether you've considered it or not, a RIng Mod with Distortion is incredibly handy and the Gonkulator from DOD is one of the coolest sounding options out there.


Reissue of the original 90's pedal
Distortion control for the right amount of grit
Control the Freq and Rong (amount) independently
Perfect for wild, spacey sounds
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