Analog Mafia Poly Driver Boost Pedal

$ 200.00

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Limited Edition Analog Mafia Poly Driver Boost Pedal in Chrome Pearl. This pedal sounds amazing, the perfect boost for solos etc.

This is what's inside the box A.K.A "The Polydriver"

The Polydriver is designed because there was no other booster that actually sounded good. Other pedals make it louder but not better.
With this design I’ve tried to use as many “modern” parts as possible, I say modern but essentially i mean “off the shelf” so in this box are no obsolete parts.
I’ve done this so we can, at Analog mafia, maintain the quality that we promise to have.
My design strategy is, as I’ve learned from the Hogan, bigger is better so this pedal is full, very full, we could not get ant bigger components in there even if we wanted too.
Thats the key to a big tone!
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