2020 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 60th Anniversary 1960 Reissue (1960 reissue) V2 Sunburst

$ 5,999.00

Here's a stunning, pre-owned 2020 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 60th Anniversary 1960 Re-Issue in a particularly beautiful flamed Sunburst top.

One of the finest Les Pauls in our shop, it is light, resonant, and plays perfectly, feels just like the real deal 1960 burst.

This is an authentic reproduction of an original 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard, an iconic model that has shaped the sound of music across genres for six decades.

Three distinct versions were made within 1960. Those made in the first third of the year (V1) share the same specs as their 1959 peers, while the middle third (V2) have thinner neck profiles, different knobs and brighter colors. The final third (V3) feature even thinner neck profiles. Each version inspires generations of players in different ways, making music history all the while.

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this important model, Gibson Custom Shop is proud to present this limited-edition Historic Reissue, rendered in stunning detail and accuracy to the originals. The specs and colors of each version closely follow vintage examples that Gibson Custom Shop has scanned and studied, providing an original playing experience, as authentic and thrilling as owning a priceless original.

Weighs in at 8.75 pounds.

Guitar is remarkably clean, we don't see any wear to it but listed as near mint just to be safe.

Comes with original booklet, hang tags, and original deluxe vintage reproduction hard case.
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