~2019 SHOE Ancient Astronaut Fuzz Pedal

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The Dogon people of West Africa’s oral tradition tells of an ancient encounter with a race of Amphibians called the Nommos. It is said that these mermaid-like creatures descended from the sky and gave the Dogon great knowledge. They were told of Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s four major moons, and received knowledge of the star Sirius B long before it was observable by telescope technology. Recently, it has been discovered that the Dogon also received inexplicable knowledge of Fuzz pedals over 5,100 years before the recording of “Don’t Worry.” This Ancient Fuzz technology has remained hidden, passed down in secret from generation to generation for thousands of years. Until now…

Mainstream scientists have no explanation for why this Dogon Fuzz depicts a Mayan carving rather than Dogon artwork. Could the Nommos have been a race of extra-terrestrial visitors sent to spread knowledge of astronomy and fuzz pedals to peoples across the globe? Is this how the Dogon have knowledge of Ancient Mayan Fuzz technology? Ancient Astronaut theorists say yes.
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