2019 MXR Brown Acid Fuzz Pedal Brown w/ Graphics by Alan Forbes

$ 159.99

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Vintage Heavy Fuzz

If you're into heavy fuzz tones for your guitar or bass, this is the pedal for you. Based on a classic '70s English fuzz circuit, the Limited Edition MXR Brown Acid Fuzz serves up classic psychedelic silicon saturation. This pedal’s streamlined 3-knob layout lets you quickly nail the vintage fuzz tone you're after. Dial in the Output, Tone, and Fuzz controls, and let the heavy flow, as the space around you melts into a fuzzed-out, sonic synthesis of swirling tone and color. Perfect for massive power chords, super-fat grooves, and stinging leads, this pedal has you covered for all flavors of vintage fuzz. And for your viewing whimsy, the Limited Edition MXR Brown Acid Fuzz is embellished with the enigmatic renderings of famed Bay Area artist Alan Forbes.
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