~1980 Chandler Super Strat Partscaster White

$ 1,599.00

Vintage circa 1980 Chandler Super Strat Partscaster Stratocaster.

Has a "Paul C's" sticker under the pickguard which is a feature of early Charvel guitars. The pots are dated 1979.

Features a killer neck from the 1980s. Stunning figured maple neck and ebony fretboard.

Two humbuckers and one single coil pickup. They all appear to be made by Seymour Duncan and they sound just killer. Lots of varieties of tones.

Original Kahler locking trem works great and the guitar stays in tune well.

This is a killer Super Strat from the 1980s. We are not sure if this guitar was original out of the factory or if it was partied together over the years.

It is a killer guitar....high points are the neck which plays amazing with super fine woods and the amazing sounding pickups.

Comes with gig bag.
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