1978 Ibanez Model 2402 Double Neck SG Set Neck Version Walnut w/ Original Case

$ 2,999.00

Vintage original 1978 Ibanez Model 2402 Double Neck SG in original Walnut finish.

This is the very rare SET NECK version of this guitar.   Almost all the ones you see are bolt on necks, this version is the set neck version, highly sought after.

Guitar plays fantastic with a good low action, no buzz or issues.

It is all original with the exception of one changed pickup which is a Seymour Duncan "The Mag," and upgraded Schaller tuners on both necks.   These are super high quality precision tuners that keep it well in tune.    

We've had these before but never the set neck version.    You can feel in the playability a huge difference with the set neck.    It's more stable, stays in tune better, there's more sustain and it's more like the real Gibson.

No cracks no breaks.   Guitar has been played a bit, but not too much, and it has minor signs of wear. 

Guitar sounds incredible, like a real vintage Gibson.   Sounds like Stairway to Heaven.

Get your Zeppelin on!   Get your Rush on!   Turn it up!

Comes with original hardshell case, too.

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