1977 Fender Stratocaster Black w. Original Case

$ 3,495.00

Vintage original 1977 Fender Stratocaster in killer original black finish....none more black!!

Guitar plays fantastic with a classic vintage feel. The neck is nice and fat with superb playability. Original Rosewood fretboard is nice and clean and makes for a nice and deep, warm tone.

All electronics are completely original, dated 1977. Pots and pickups all dated 1977. No routes or breaks or issues. Some signs of honest age and wear to the finish.

Original pickups have that classic vintage Strat bell tone, nice and warm and organic with a clean tone, screaming yet warm with distortion.

Guitar weighs just overt 9 pounds.

Guitar is completely original with the exception of the tuners which are Fender repros of the originals.

Comes with original Fender import case as pictured, tolex with a blue interior.

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