1960 Fender Jazzmaster Blonde Ash w/ Original Hardshell Case

$ 14,999.00

Vintage original 1960 Fender Jazzmaster. Original Ash body with a Blonde refinish. The guitar was originally Blonde as well.

Guitar is completely original inside, with original pots and pickups. pencil dated 1960 on the body, no date on the neck, all correct. Clay dots.

Neck is perfect. While nice and large, it's not crazy huge like some other models of the time. It's basically the perfect size. Slab board. Clay dots.

Original black bottom pickups, original pots, etc.

Has signs of checking and some minor signs of wear. One of the pickup covers has a little crack in it, common on these old Jazzmasters. We just left it alone.

Rare original Ash body makes for a real warm, percussive and organic tone.

Comes with original two tone brown case with yellow interior.
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