2021 Earthquaker Devices Astral Destiny Red And White

$ 199.00

Spacious soundscapes and octave-rich reverbs have never before been more in reach than with the Earthquaker Devices Astral Destiny. The compact pedal comes equipped with eight unique effects that build upon an already impressive reverb. Octave and pitch-bending effects push the reverb tones of the Astral Destiny to new lengths to create large, spacious voices that are rich and unique. Along with the eight supplemental reverb effects, the Astral Destiny features original functions like the interactive Stretch feature, expression pedal input, and eight programmable effect preset slots. The Astral Destiny is fully equipped to take on any sonic venture with capabilities to produce tones subtle and ambient or expressive and quirky. From adding an extra octave flourish to moving reverberated mountains, the Astral Destiny can take it all on.
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