Vintage Original 1965 Fender Jazz Bass

$ 5,995.00

Here is a killer vintage original 1965 Fender Jazz Bass with a body only re-fin of Lake Placid Blue. The headstock still retains the original Lake Placid Blue finish. The body was refinished by the previous owner who actually used the finish he was using on his car back in 1970! Previous owner had owned the guitar for 54 years! One can easily tell the body is refinished.

The pickups are original grey bottom Jazz pickups, and one pot is original, and two have been replaced. Tone of the pickups is out of this world, classic smooth, warm vintage Jazz bass tone. This may be the best feature of the bass - the tone.

The pickguard is a replacement that looks correct. Tuners are original and work great. The bass stays in tune real well and plays true all the way up and down the neck. Neck is nice and straight and plays great with no buzz or issues.

Neck date is 7 OCT 65 A.

Comes with original 1965 Fender hardshell tolex case, too.
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