Vintage Original 1965 Baldwin Professional Supersound Amplifier

$ 695.00

This amp enjoys a devoted cult following – and for good reason. It was built at the Baldwin Organ assembly facility in Fayetteville, AR at the dawning of the transistor age.

These early designers were aiming to wring out every ounce of tube amp goodness from the new, modern technology and with this model they really hit the mark. This means that it includes an early Bi-Polar JFET-driven pre-amp with its “fish-eye” pre-amp transistors as well as high-quality General Electric germanium output transistors, resulting in an amplifier that absolutely rages!

Unique to this amp is, of course, the “Supersound” feature, a very forward-looking option that offers five distinct pre-set voicings via push button. Most prominent among them are the two mid-range settings, which can be likened to the parametric EQ of the Ampeg V-4 with its very legendary mid-boost and cut. Other settings can be vaguely equated to a Gibson Varitone control.

So combine the flexibility of the built-in EQ settings, the manual tone controls, and the ability to blend the two as desired – along with very worthwhile reverb and tremolo effects - and you’ve got one bold, loud, fancy pants tone monster!

Amp is in excellent condition, fully functional and sound killer!
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