Vintage original 1958 Gibson J-160 E

$ 2,499.00

Here's a vintage original 1958 Gibson J-160 E that has seen some serious amount of play wear and repairs over the years. Still, it plays and sounds killer!

Action is good and playability is excellent. Neck angel is good. Frets are old, but still have some life left in them. Neck is nice an fat with a wonderful feel.

Tone is fantastic. P-90 pickup is super warm and toneful.

Tuners are repros. There are several repaired cracks. The back of the guitar has basically been replaced with an old back as the original back of the guitar had so many cracks.

Guitar is sold as is, and is priced accordingly taking the repairs into consideration.

Guitar has a T serial number on the neck block, dating it to 1958.

Comes with a soft chipboard case.
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