Vintage Circa 1966 VOX Essex Bass Amp 2 x 12" Black Vox Weave

$ 899.00

The V-4 Essex Bass Amp

The V-4 Essex Bass was released in late 1965. It appeared in the Thomas Organ Company's VOX "King of the Beat" catalog. This example appears to be from 1966 based on it's features.

The Essex control panel was mounted into the top of the cabinet. It had a Volume and Tone-X control, a power switch, indicator lamp, dual 1/4" inputs, and a line reverse switch. Tone-X was a tone control that replaced the normal bass and treble control.

V-4 Essex Bass Amplifier
Like the JMI Vox T.60 bass amp it succeeded, the Essex was powered by a solid state amplifier module with germanium output transistors. The V-4 Essex was rated at 35 watts RMS while the T.60 was 30 watts RMS.
The sealed, non ported 3/4" plywood V-4 enclosure included a chrome plated "push cart" trolley. It was loaded with two 12" ferrite magnet speakers.

This example is remarkably clean and comes with the original push cart trolley! Super rare to find.
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