Vintage Circa 1936 Gibson L-C Century

$ 5,999.00

Vintage original circa 1936 Gibson L-C Century small body acoustic.

Original Sunburst Spruce top is in great condition. No cracks or breaks.

Curly Maple back and sides. White pearloid fretboard and headstock is completely original and absolutely stunning.

The russ rod in the neck is maxed out, and there is some bow to the neck, it is not perfect. This is common on these and could possibly be fixed, but we have turned the truss rod as much as we can and the action is still fairly high. It still plays but with a bit higher action, and it sounds even better as a result. This guitar is sold as is with this slight issue.

This is a stunning example of Gibson history, tough to find and generally in great shape. Honest signs of wear and age.

There is an ink stamped number in the neck block 940 which from our references places the guitar at 1936.

Comes with a good hard case, too.
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