Vintage 1980's Roland Bolt 60 1x12 Combo Amp

$ 395.00

This is a 1980s 1x12 Roland Bolt 60 Combo Guitar Amp.

It was the only line of tube guitar amplifiers produced by Roland and is very affordability in comparison with other classic amplifiers.

Properly speaking these are hybrid amplifiers, the pre-amp being built with solid-state circuitry.

It has a 2 channel amp (Clean / Overdrive), is 60 Watts, and has effects loop and spring reverb.

The clean channel is really warm and stays clean even at high volumes. Its sweet, warm and tonally pleasant sound of the 6L6 tubes shine close to a Fender Blackface.

The Overdrive channel has a very warm crunchy sound to it. There are 2 volume knobs (like the MarkI). Volume 1 adds more more of a trebly gain where as the volume 2 adds more fatness and volume to the overdrive.

Amp has a real cool sound to it.

A great amp for the price!
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