Vintage 1979 Ibanez S300 SV Vintage Dreadnought Acoustic Natural

$ 799.00

Here's a killer vintage original circa 1979 Ibanez Model S300 SV Vintage Dreadnought acoustic.

These are rare early Ibanez acoustics made in Japan. Some of the best deals on the current vintage acoustic market.

Plays and sounds super sweetly.

Features Scalloped bracing. The technique of arching the interior braces or "scalloping" provided strength combined with freedom of vibration. Ibanez claimed their scalloped brace dreadnoughts had a full and rich sound with excellent projection (presumably in comparison to their non-scalloped brace models).

Tru-Tune saddle. In order to assure good intonation the S300 featured the Tru-Tune compensating saddle. This staggered length saddle allows for the differences in strng tension keeping the instrument in tune all the way up the neck

Satin violin colour. The S300 in satin violin finish was designated the S300SV model. This finish was created by gently wire brushing the top, adding a texture that followed the grain of the wood. The very soft wood is removed by the brushing and reduces the overall weight of the top (without sacrificing strength - according to Ibanez). Ibanez claimed this resulted in increased power and volume. The violin stain added contrast and highlight to the top and the instrument was finally sealed with a satin finished.

The S300SV headstock used Ibanez's mid-late 1970s shape - slightly splayed out (Guild style), with six-a-side tuners and the Ibanez logo painted on in white at the top. The larger, more massive head was designed to improve the sustain of the instrument.

All original and clean, very well cared for.

Comes with a nice hard case, too!
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