Vintage 1978 Fender Telecaster Custom Black

$ 2,795.00

Vintage 1978 Fender Telecaster Custom.

A vibed out vintage Tele with killer tone.

Plays great with a quick, tight action. The neck has a medium round profile that is just right, it is easy to hold and comfortable in your palm.

Original pickups sound amazing. The Seth Lover humbucker in the neck is warm and fat while staying clear and defined, and the single coil in the bridge position is full of all the bite and twang you could want from a good Tele.

Has some significant wear to the finish that in our opinion looks pretty cool. It has checked heavily and started to flake off in places particularly around the edges. Who doesn't love a good old beat up tele though?

Comes with a newer Fender plastic molded case.
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