Vintage 1972 Gretsch Sonax 530 B Bass Amp Combo Brown

$ 399.00

Vintage circa 1972 Gretsch Sonax 530B Bass Amp combo.

A killer sounding early solid state bass amp for a nice price!

Works great and sounds great. Has an original Taylor speaker that is still holding up strong

Has a super warm, thumpy tone and a very cool break up when you push it. The second input breaks up more and has a really cool distorted tone. Great for garage rock tones.

This is a great amp for rehearsing and gigging, it is pretty light for the size and just loud enough to get over a drum set.

Nice and clean with few signs of cosmetic wear, purchased from an East Village musician who plays upright mostly and never really used it.

Sounds great with a guitar too! Extra fat with a mean breakup!
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