Vintage 1970's Electra / Ventura / Gibson Parts Guitar w/ Les Paul Sinature Pickups

$ 999.00

This vintage circa 1974 Electra / Ventura / Gibson "Frankenbuild" is one hell of a unique guitar.

It features an original Electra lawsuit era Les Paul Custom neck. A Ventura lawsuit era ES-330 copy body. It is fully hollow.

The pickups are the best part of this gem. They are early 1970s Gibson Les Paul Signature pickups. They feature low and high impedance outputs. You can plug straight into the board as well as straight into an amp and the impedance is correct for each. One of Les Pauls many great inventions. Makes for a very versatile and unique guitar.

The guitar plays great with a good low action and no buzz or issues.

High quality Schaeller tuners keep her well in tune.

It is a very unique gem you will not find another like it. A lot of guitar for the price.

Comes with a gig bag too.
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