Vintage 1967 Gibson ES-330 Sunburst

$ 2,999.00

This vintage original 1967 Gibson ES-330 has been played and rocked and has a killer vibe and look to it. It also plays remarkably well and has classic vintage P-90 tone for days. Well priced, too.

Original Sunburst finish has some honest signs of rock and roll wear. The neck pickup is an older 1940s Gibson P-90, the bridge pickup is original. There is a small route where the '40s P-90 is in the neck.

No cracks or breaks to the neck or body, but lots of wear. The headstock seems to have had a small chip out of it. The neck is super nice playing and plays real easy.

Guitar is remarkably resonant and the P-90s sound super warm and classic, sounds like so many of the great records that have these types of vintage P-90 guitars on them - the Beatles, etc.

Comes with a high quality hard case, too.
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