Vintage 1966 Epiphone Olympic Sunburst w/ Bill Lawrence Humbuckers

$ 1,495.00

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Here's a vintage original 1966 Epiphone Olympic in original Sunburst finish. Very clean guitar that plays fantastic. Nice and light and resonant.

Features two Bill Lawrence humbuckers which are super thick and strong sounding with lots of gain. Screaming with distortion, nice and warm and punchy with a clean tone. Has on and off switches for each pickup and a single volume knob.....what's more rock and roll than that? Nothing.

Features a Badass bridge so it intonate well and stays in tune well. Has high quality upgraded Schaeller tuners which work great.

Neck is nice and slim and plays great all the way up and down. Good low action and no buzz or issues. Just set up here at the shop with a new set of .10s so she's ready to roll!

Comes with a good hard case, too,Epi
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