Vintage 1965 Fender Duo Sonic II Red w/ Case

$ 1,999.00

Here's a killer vintage original 1965 Fender Duo Sonic II featuring a stunning original red finish.

This example also features a wonderful wiring alteration so the pickups are wired volume / tone volume / tone for each pickup with concentric knobs. Like a Les Paul wiring. This is actually a fantastic idea, very practical and makes for a simple, versatile guitar with easy control of the tones. Not only do they work great, the guitar looks crazy cool with them as they are red like the finish!

Guitar is light and resonant. Neck is straight and plays with a good low action and no buzz or issues.

The bridge has been changed to one that intonate well and the guitar stays in tune remarkably well.

Original pickups have that classic vintage Fender warm, organic tone.

This is a real cool one, do not miss it.

Comes with a hardshell case, too!
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