Vintage 1964 Magnatone Titano Custom 262R 2x12 Combo Amp Black & Grey w/ Reverb and Pitch Shift Vibrato

$ 1,695.00

Vintage 1964 Magnatone Titano Custom 262R 2x12 Combo Amp. Essentially the same as the Magnatone 460 with Reverb, Pitch Shift Vibrato and incredible vintage tone.

Top of the line Magnatone model.

A killer sounding vintage Magnatone with original pitch shifting vibrato and reverb!

Original Jensen Speakers date to 1964.

Tone is amazing. Super warm, rich and lush with the pitch shifting vibrato. Has plenty of head room and a thick, dark break up when you push it.

An incredible recording amp. Sounds like Buddy Holly, Who's Next and the Stevie Ray Vaughn albums, too.

A wonderful example for the player and collector alike.

Comes with original dust cover, though it's a bit beat up. The amp is in excellent condition, sounds amazing, and works great.
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