Vintage 1963 Fender Jazzmaster Lake Placid Blue w/ Original Hard Case

$ 5,995.00

Vintage original 1963 Fener Jazzmaster....a killer Pre-CBS example in a real nice vintage Lake Placid Blue re-finish.

Neck date is 4 NOV 63B.

Original black bottom pickups have that classic vintage Jazzmaster tone, super warm and thick and organic.

All electronics are working great with no issues, no cutting out, no scratchy pots.

Original bridge is working great and the guitar stays in tune and intonate very well. Tremolo works great.

A wonderful guitar for recording, gigging, and making all sorts of noise.

It has a small dowel hole filled in the neck, it does not affect playability. Besides that and the finish and the arm, the guitar is all original.

Comes with nice vintage two tone white hardshell case. Has cool band names on it, too!
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