Vintage 1960's Sentinal Telecaster Copy

$ 795.00

Here's a vintage Sentinal electric Telecaster copy. This is a remarkably great vintage guitar for the price.

This guitar came out of Richies Guitar Shop, the legendary NYC tech who works with The Strokes and other great NYC bands.

Neck is mahogany with a maple cap....really unusual and nice. It's nice and fat and feels like a vintage 1950s Tele.

Has a real Bigsby installed which works great and the guitar stays in tune well. It intonates well. It's very well set up with a good low action and no buzz or issues.

Neck pickup is original vintage 1960s Maxon made, the bridge is a modern Tele re-issue which sounds great with classic vintage Tele tone.

Don't miss this one it's a killer guitar, and you will be hard pressed to find another like it.
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