Vintage 1960's Kay N5 Flat Top Acoustic

$ 999.00

Vintage Circa 1961 Kay N5 Acoustic Guitar.

A super cool vintage Kay with a killer vibe!

Auditorium sized body with X bracing is comfortable to sit with and sounds fantastic. Very full bodied and punchy with a full, round low end. Sounds great for fingerpicking with a great balance. Sounds great with a pick, it has a really cool percussive tone similar to old Gibsons.

Fat neck feels great in your hands. Plays great for an old Kay with a good, medium-low action. It doesn't play like a Gibson or Martin but it plays great for an old "department store" guitar like this. It's worth it to get that vintage tone though!

Has signs of wear common to most vintage guitars, which in our opinion just adds to the vibe.

Comes with a gig bag
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