Vintage 1953 Epiphone Century Hollowbody Electric

$ 1,699.00

Vintage 1953 Epiphone Century Hollowbody Electric.

An early Epiphone arch top made in New York City before they were purchased by Gibson.

The neck is still nice and straight and plays great all the way up and down.  It has a slightly chunky profile that is just fat enough to fill up your palm without getting in your way.  Has a tight, smooth action in every position.  

Original New York pickup sounds fantastic with a super warm, clear tone.  Sounds like an old P-90 mixed with a DeArmond Gold Foil.  

Excellent playing condition with some signs of normal honest cosmetic wear.  The original pick guard is missing.  There is a scratch on the back that is only in the finish, as well as some other signs of use you would expect to see on an instrument made this long ago.

Comes in a hard shell case.
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