Starr Guitars Fender Stratocaster Copy Made in USA

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Here's a circa 2017 Fender Stratocaster Copy made by a luthier down in Florida. Features all parts made in the USA.

Features a real nice and super light body that is particularly light and resonant. We were told the neck and body were made by Starr Guitars which is a professional guitar maker in Florida.

Neck has a nice V neck similar to a '57, and the neck is dated 5-61 so we are guessing it was made as as a '61 Re-issue in mind. It plays great with a good action.

All Nitro finish. Beautifully aged and worn. Brazilian Rosewood fretboard is stunning, and plays amazing. Makes for a real warm tone, too. Folks don't realize how much the neck actually has to do with the tone of a guitar.

Pickups are a nice set of Lollars and they sound incredible. They have that classic vintage Fender bell tone.

This is a fantastic Strat copy that is super light, and resonant, with a killer neck, great pickups, and a tremendous look and sound.

Comes with a nice Fender hard case as pictured.
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