Rare SS Stewart Archtop Acoustic

$ 649.00

Here's a rare SS Stewart archtop acoustic.   Looks amazing.  Original art deco finish.   Some repaired cracks and signs of wear but plays well and sounds great.   

Here's some history:

S.S. Stewart was formed by the Bauer & Stewart fanilies in 1898 to make Banjos. They let Gibson make their banjos for them, very early. In 1899 S.S. Stewart died. His sons went on to form a new, unrelated company. From 1901 - 1910 Bauer kept on making S.S. Stewart banjos. Sorry, no mention of guitars yet, though some tenor guitars were produced, not confirmed as Gibsons. Even now, the banjos of this time are referred to as either "not Gibsons" or for whatever reason as "possibly by Gibson". In 1911 Feenophone takes over, probably making some guitars. In 1915 the brand became the property of Bugellsein & Jacobsen of New York.   This example has a rare B & J sticker on the headstock.    Super cool piece of history.   This is a gem of vintage archtop don't miss it!  Comes with a soft case, too.
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