Rare Original 2004 Fender Pawn Shop Stratocaster / Telecaster w/ Humbucker Sunburst MIJ

$ 1,699.00

Here's an original super rare Fender Pawnshop Stratocaster / Telecaster electric guitar.   Many very unusual features this is a combo of many Fender models in one.   

Made in Japan circa 2004.

Features a humbucker in the bridge position and telecaster pickup in the neck position.   Neck is a Stratocaster neck and labeled as such.  The body is similar to a Stratocaster but has a slightly different shape.   The bridge is a regular vintage re-issue tremolo bridge.   The pickguard shape is that of a Tele Thinline.   

Orignal Sunburst finish is real nice and the guitar is in mint condition.
Comes with a nice Fender deluxe re-issue hard case.
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