Pre-owned 2015 Gold Tone GT-1200 12 String Electric Acoustic Banjo Natural

$ 995.00

Here is a pre-owned Gold Tone GT-1200 12 String Electric Acoustic Banjo. Currently has a see through head on it it also comes with a new white banjo head for it.

If six strings are good, TWELVE strings must be GREAT! The Gold Tone GT-1200 Is the emperor of banjo guitars. All-conquering banjo tone and enormous volume are yours whether you strum or fingerpick this colossus. Traditionally-styled with a maple rim, maple resonator and full-weight brass flathead tone ring, the GT-500's pot assembly joins with a slim maple twelve-string guitar neck (specially reinforced for this application) crowned with a rosewood fretboard. Killer acoustic tone abounds and the unique Gold Tone SMP Sliding Magnetic Pickup provides powerful plugged-in full range fidelity from the low E string to the first string's final fret.
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