Pre-owned 2009 Liquid Metal Telecaster Aluminum w/ Original Hardshell Case

$ 2,195.00

A real cool pre-owned circa 2009 Liquid Metal Telecaster in original Aluminum finish.

The people at LMG take a block of aircraft aluminium, and then rout out the hollowed front and sides section!

The back is a machined fit and all of the body is coated in a layer of clear Mercedes lacquer, preserving that gorgeous light friendly machined surface.

From the LMG website:

The Best Telecaster Ever..
A little tongue in cheek, but it is a good one. This is the guitar that has really made our name as a company. It is an aluminum bodied telecaster style with our machined in finish and a very traditional maple neck, ebony fret board and custom to this guitar designed pick ups. We found, much to our delight, that the way we build the guitars results in a near zero “noise floor.” The tone of the pick-ups, made by a few of the best know guys in the business, is clear and unimpeded. Each string has a clarity to it that is remarkable and there is no hum. Even a single coil comes clean.

This Is What We Can Build For You

Seymour Duncan LMG Custom Wind “Phat Cat” Pickup in neck position, creates a beautiful smoothed jazzy tone.
Seymour Duncan Special Trad Tele Bridge pick up made with ¼ lb Magnet and has a 15.57k high output that takes full advantage of the body’s unique characteristics.
Or a smoking rocking custom Billy Gibbon’s lil 59. A humbucker to make your neighbours three blocks away wanna dance.The Pickup combination makes the guitar tremendously useful in may tone requirements.
Body machined from a solid block of aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum to proprietary thickness. Top and sides are contiguous, which creates a rigidity to the body that creates our amazing clear tone and note bloom.
The body is naturally shielding and thus you have in your hands a guitar that has little or no hum. The noise floor is at 0, absolutely quiet. A remarkable trait.
Machined marks design to create a look that is unique and pleasing. It is a finish is unique to metal, it simply cannot be duplicated in wood.
Body clear coated with a exceptionally hard, high gloss, scratch resistant clear coat that enhances the depth perception of the machine marks on the body.
The neck is made of Canadian hard rock maple. There are 8 steps in the sanding process:The rough cut neck is hand sanded with 600 grit to find the neck’s shape. The next steps use 800 grit sand paper and the last 4 steps utilize 1200 grit for an end result that is incredibly smooth.Finally, a clear satin sealer is applied for an extremely natural and fast feel that offers protection from dirt and moisture while feeling like highly sanded, raw wood. It just feels good to hold and play.
Ebony fingerboard 12″ fingerboard radius.
25.5 inch scale.
Frets – starts with .50 X .100 hard alloy frets that are then extensively finished/dressed. We are extremely proud of our fret work and believe that it truly stands out.
Stainless dual-action truss rod, silicon seated and rods sheathed.
An 8 degree headstock angle puts the perfect downward tension on the strings behind the nut. No String Tree.
Gotoh’s 510 mini tuners in chrome finish, with a 1:18 gear ratio and height adjustable posts to add to the string tension.
Liquid Metal angled ashtray bridge with Graptech saddles that enhance the tonal characteristics of the guitar.
Self lubricating nut to improve tuning stability while eliminating all tuning “ping”.
Precision filing of nut slot depths, so that the intonation, creates a perfectly playable guitar.
Graphtech String Saver Saddles which are a unique combination of materials made to enhance tone and dramatically reduce string breakage.
CTS 500k Pots.
Switchcraft Jack.
Shielded Silver Braided Old School Wire.
Switchcraft Right Angle 3 position switch.
LMG Shop Machined Unique LMG Tone and Volume Control Knobs.
Custom fit, “Liquid Metal Guitar” logo’ed hardshell case.
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