Circa 2016 Carvin MB 15 Micro Bass Combo Amp Black

$ 399.00

Lightly used Carvin MB15 Micro Bass Combo Amp. A great portable and versatile bass amp for a nice price!

From the Manufacturer:

The MB15 Micro Bass is a 15-inch system that is not much larger than the MB10, but has a fuller sound from a 15" woofer. The MB15 delivers the results you would expect from a more powerful 15" bass system, thanks to the 250w of clean RMS power. The titanium tweeter adds to the upper harmonics enhancing your overall sound. The micro size is a pleasure to carry because it's only 17" wide x 12" deep x 18.5" high and weighs in at only 32.6 lbs. You will be impressed with the MB15 performance!

Micro Bass Features:

The internal BX head delivers 250w RMS at 4 ohms (with 8 ohms extension speaker) and 200w RMS into each of the 8 ohm Micro Bass models. The Class D power amp is 94% efficient delivering not only its full RMS but doing it very efficiently taking less AC power from the wall. Typical THD is less than .1% for ultra low distortion keeping your bass clean and the tone pure in every respect. See the BX250 for more details. The BX pre-amp is the state-of the-art with a Drive knob to control the harmonic content (clean to clipping) and dual Parametric EQ to select all the sweet tones of your bass. The Contour, Bass and Treble controls deliver deep bass and brilliant highs. Includes Active and Mute switches. The pre amp Direct Out XLR is pre or post selectable for the house PA or recording and includes a ground lift and Level control. The Master level controls the speakers while the DI level controls the pre-amp output including the Phone/Tuner. The tweeter features a DIM switch to control the brightness of your sound.
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