2020 Greg Adams Relic'd Guitars '52 Re-Issue Telecaster Blonde Relic

$ 2,499.00

We are very proud to be the exclusive Greg Adams Relic Guitars dealers....and man this guy knows how to make a guitar as if it's a real vintage. He has a true passion for creating relics and aging and it shows in the features of his guitars, this one of the finest examples we have seen.

Features a fat Maple neck with a classic V neck vintage shape. Feels remarkably like a vintage Fender V neck. 7 1/4" neck radius. 6150 Fret wire. Quarter Sawn neck. Kluson type repro tuners.

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster bridge pickup, custom hand wound neck pickup. Pickups are clear and clean with classic vintage Fender bell tone. Screaming with distortion. Bridge pickup is particularly incredible sounding

Ash body with a Blonde Relic finish. Finish is stunning. Worn in all the right places with classic vintage checking and wear. Super light and resonant.

Get a classic '52 Telecaster for a small fraction of the price. Great for gigging and recording, a wonderful working mans guitar.

Comes with a nice Rivington Guitars gig bag, too!
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