~2020 Fulltone Queen Bee Germanium Fuzz Gold

$ 199.00

Pre-owned Fulltone Queen Bee. The Fuzz Pedal That Responds Like an Amp

Equipped with three germanium transistors in a circuit unique to Fulltone, the Queen Bee fuzz pedal delivers vibrant tonal excitement with plenty of second-order harmonics. Plus, its unique design makes it easy to match with practically any guitar or amp, in any room. Use the 3-way, pre-clipping bass-cut switch to tighten up your tone for incredible punch and girth that never sounds flubby or muddy. The Queen Bee is especially versatile when you run it with the Buzz and Treble controls maxed out, using your volume control to explore its vast sonic palette — go from shimmering clean to rich overdrive to full-on distortion with a simple turn of a knob. Complete with a robust, gig-ready chassis, the Fulltone Queen Bee unleashes epic overdrive tones while turning your volume control into a sonic exploration dial.
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