2016 Fender American Vintage '56 Stratocaster Blonde w/ Case and Paperwork

$ 1,999.00

Here's a pre-owned 2016 Fender American Vintage '56 Stratocaster in a stunning Blonde finish.

Made in the USA.

Guitar is stunning and features all the features of a real 1956 Stratocaster.

American Vintage Series means period-accurate details
Fender spared no expense in creating the American Vintage Series, and you'll see it in the American Vintage '56 Stratocaster. To make it as vintage-accurate as possible, Fender restored original tooling dies, voiced new pickups, and even reformulated vintage finishes based on actual vintage examples. The guitarists here at Sweetwater can attest to the well-worn-in looks and playability of these excellent instruments.

Why 1956?
1956 was big for the Stratocaster. Fender switched the body from ash to alder (with the exception of blonde-finished instruments), giving it the balanced tone we typically associate with the Strat. The baseball bat-sized U-shaped neck common to early models was replaced with a soft V-shaped neck (one of the most popular Strat necks of all time). Alnico III magnets, along with the modern butterfly-like string retainer, were also introduced.

Vintage-style pickups provide classic tone
Fender wouldn't rest until the American Vintage '56 Stratocaster sounded as vintage as it looks, so they got to work developing a special set of pickups specifically for the American Vintage Series. This Strat packs a trio of American Vintage '56 Strat single-coil pickups, specially wound to period-correct specs and sound. A modern 5-way blade pickup switch yields "in between" tones that weren't legitimately possible in 1956 (an optional 3-way switch is included if you're a stickler for authenticity).

Fender American Vintage '56 Stratocaster Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:
American Vintage Series Stratocaster captures the essence of a 1956 Strat
Ash body delivers a great balance of brightness, warmth, and midrange pop
American Vintage '56 Strat single-coil pickups match the sound and specs of '56 pickups
Soft V-shaped neck plays fast and is true to 1956 Stratocasters
Period-correct bridge saddles and tuner spacing yields classic playability
Vintage-style Flash Coat Lacquer finish allows the body to "breathe" and enhance tonally as it ages

This guitar is remarkably clean and comes with original manual, paperwork and extras as pictured.
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