2003 Rainsong OM1000 See Through Black

$ 2,695.00

Original pre-owned circa 2003 Rainsong carbon fiber guitar. These guitars are fantastic and were made as solution to the humidity issues that happen with wooden guitars. Warping necks, sharp fret ends, failing glue joints, lifting bridges, bellying soundboards, buzzing notes, wood cracks and other humidity-related issues should not be part of owning a fine acoustic guitar. Features real cool shark inlays! Guitar is also acoustic / electric. Electronics are not an afterthought at RainSong; they are an integral and important part of the RainSong experience. Because graphite is a natural enhancer of electrical energy, the all-graphite construction of RainSong works wonders with pickups. Plug a RainSong in and the world stands on its head; all the subtle richness of the classic carbon sound is amplified into a unique bloom of harmonics and tone.

This is a fine example with a real nice finish and very little signs of wear. Comes with original hardshell case.
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