1997 Fender Telecaster Thinline w/ OBEL Effects Loop Jerry Garcia Style

$ 1,999.00

Here's a killer original 1997 Fender Telecaster Thinline that has an OBEL On Board Effects Loop as used by Jerry Garcia and others. This guitar was modded by Gary Brawer in SF - the same guy who worked on Jerry's guitar - with an onboard effects loop, buffer, and preamp. A JerryCaster. Very pro job. Can be used it conventionally like a regular Tele bypassing the OBEL with the first output jack.

This is a very nice example of a Tele Thinline with a particularly nice feeling neck. Excellent playability with a low action and no buzz or issues.

The OBEL On Board Effects Loop is a wiring design inside the guitar which uses a separate 1/4" stereo jack to allows the direct output from the pickups to go to effects pedals and then back into the guitar for post-effects volume control. The purpose of the OBEL is to allow for volume adjustments on the guitar after being processed by effects. You may notice that distortion and envelope filters respond differently with volume adjustments on a standard electric guitar. Using an OBEL allows for consistent response from your effects pedals/processors at any guitar volume. This guitar comes with a Y-Cable included in the case that can be used for this effect. This OBEL is a $400 upgrade.

This is a particularly nice example and comes with the original hard case.

Don't miss it Garcia fans and Dead Heads!

Here is a link explaining the electronics

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