1991 Fender 1962 Reissue Stratocaster w/ G1D and Lace Sensor Pickups Black

$ 999.00

Here's a real cool original 1991 Fender '62 Re-issue Stratocaster in black with w/ Lace Sensor pickups and Yamaha G1D Synthesizer Divided pickup installed. Super cool guitar with a great vibe. Neck is straight and plays well with a low action and no buzz or issues. Neck feels killer. A perfect working mans guitar.

The G1D Unit is a high-performance guitar synthesizer pickup/driver designed for use with the Yamaha Guitar MIDI Converter (G50). When properly installed and adjusted, it can add high-performance MIDI guitar synthesizer capability to just about any electric or steel-string acoustic guitar.

Comes with a gig bag, too.
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